Yes, a combination of bloons that can lead (No Pun Intended) to defeat. Only few will have the ability to destroy them, having the ability of both camo sight and lead popping. If you are able to pop one of these camo lead bloons, remember, you also have to pop the camo children:

Yellow Camo -> Green Camo -> Blue Camo -> Red Camo

If you can't pop these bloons, then here are the ways you can.

Dartling Gun: X/2

Monkey Apprentice: X/2

Boomerang Monkey: 4/2

Mortar Tower: X/3

Monkey Ace: X/2 or 4/X

Sniper Monkey: 1/2

Ninja Monkey: X/3

Dart Monkey: 4/X Juggernaut

Monkey Buccaneer: X/3 Independent Cannons + Crow's Nest

Spike Factory: 2/X Red Hot Spikes

Monkey Village: X/3 Allows all towers in range to pop camo lead bloons.

Good luck on defeating them.